Top 5 Profitable Products to Source from India

Ecommerce in the United States is booming, with Amazon leading the way. This presents a lucrative opportunity for sellers who can identify profitable products to sell on Amazon’s marketplace. With the right sourcing relationships and optimization strategies, significant profits can be made. One great approach is to source trending products from India to sell on Amazon USA. Labor and material costs are often lower in India, increasing profit margins. This article will cover the top 5 most profitable products currently trending that can be sourced from India and resold on Amazon’s US marketplace.

Amazon’s marketplace continues to grow, expected to capture 50% of all US ecommerce sales by 2023. As a third-party seller, Amazon offers access to over 197 million customers along with fulfillment and delivery capabilities. Sourcing the right products to sell on Amazon USA can be highly profitable if you know what to look for. The key is finding products in demand that can be sourced from India at low cost and resold on Amazon for high margins.

Key Takeaways

  • Jewelry, home decor, apparel, health products, and beauty accessories are currently among the top sellers sourced from India.
  • Profitability depends on demand, competition, sourcing costs, and optimization strategies.
  • Finding reputable suppliers and manufacturers in India is key for quality and margins.
  • Listing optimization and promotions are essential to drive sales and boost rankings.

Overview of Profitable Products on Amazon

Profitable products are those that sell consistently and have high margins between sourcing costs and sales price. Some product categories that often fit this criteria include:

  • Jewelry – Handmade, customized, and fashion jewelry tend to have high perceived value and loyal buyers.
  • Home decor – Well-designed but inexpensive housewares and furnishings can command premium prices.
  • Apparel – Trending styles and boutique clothing can build a loyal following.
  • Health and beauty – Natural supplements and skin/hair care products appeal to this growing market.

Some key factors that influence profitability:

    DemandProducts with steady, high demand enable predictability
    CompetitionLess competition makes it easier to rank high
    Sourcing CostsLower manufacturing costs increase profit margins
    Optimized ListingsAppealing and keyword-rich listings drive more sales

    The Top 5 Profitable Products Sourced from India

    1. Handmade Jewelry

    Unique handmade jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets have a perceived value and make great gifts. These can be sourced in a variety of materials like sterling silver, gemstones, and handwoven threads. When well-photographed, these listings stand out and build an artisanal brand.

    Profit Margins: Markups of 2x – 5x cost are common.

    Optimization Tips: High-quality photos and detailed descriptions of the materials and process. Show the human artist.

    2. Yoga Mats and Equipment

    With the growth in yoga, demand is strong for high-quality mats, blocks, straps, and towels. India has a long heritage and artistry around yoga gear. Branded as ethically sourced and handcrafted can command premium pricing.

    Profit Margins: Health and wellness gear often sees 3x – 7x markups.

    Optimization Tips: Lifestyle photography and imagery of yoga poses. Use keywords related to yoga, pilates, barre, and stretching.

    3. Handmade Home Decor

    Items like embroidered pillows, tapestries, lamp shades, flower vases, and more have appeal. When creatively designed and ethically sourced, the story sells. Tableware and kitchen tools also perform well.

    Profit Margins: Home decor margins range from 2.5x to over 5x.

    Optimization Tips: Artistic photos for visual appeal. Share artisan and workshop stories. Use relevant home decor keywords.

    4. Ayurvedic Herbs and Supplements

    Herbs like ashwagandha, turmeric, tulsi, and supplements appeal to the growing audience seeking natural wellness products. When branded as ethically sourced from India, perceived value is high.

    Profit Margins: Supplements and packaged herbs range from 3x to over 5x markups.

    Optimization Tips: Highlight certifications like USDA Organic and Non-GMO. Share details on sourcing and manufacturing.

    5. Unique Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

    Fun fashion jewelry like statement necklaces, cuffs, hair accessories, and handbags have loyal buyers. Indian artisans can create on-trend pieces from quality materials at reasonable prices.

    Profit Margins: Fashion jewelry and accessories average 3x to 6x markups.

    Optimization Tips: Model shots and lifestyle photography. Leverage trends like boho, minimalist, or modern.

    Profitable Products to Source from India

    Key Takeaways

    • Jewelry, yoga gear, home decor, supplements, and fashion accessories prove profitable when sourced from India
    • Focus on unique, handcrafted, and small batch products that can be branded as artisanal
    • Profitability depends on demand, competition, sourcing costs, and listing optimization
    • Finding reputable suppliers in India is crucial for product quality and margins
    • Professional photography, storytelling, and keyword optimization help products stand out


    Sourcing trending and unique products from India for resale on Amazon USA is a proven business model when the right products are selected and listings optimized. This article covered some of the current top-selling categories and strategies to consider. The opportunity exists across many more niches. Researching profitable products, developing relationships with suppliers, and perfecting listings are keys to success.

    There are likely many other profitable products that can be sourced from India besides the categories covered here. With some diligent research and the right approach, significant profits await selling products sourced from India on Amazon’s industry-leading US marketplace.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can I find reputable suppliers and manufacturers in India to source these types of products?

    A: Some recommendations are to network with other sellers, browse India-based B2B marketplaces, seek referrals from trade associations, or work with a sourcing agent. Factors to vet include quality control, transparency, production capacity, and ethical practices.

    Q: What costs are involved beyond manufacturing when sourcing products from India?

    A: You need to account for shipping, duties/taxes, storage fees, and other import/export costs. Factor these into your pricing to preserve healthy profit margins.

    Q: How long does it take to receive inventory when sourcing from India to sell in the US?

    A: Transit times can range from 2-6 weeks for ocean freight or 1-2 weeks for air freight. Work closely with your supplier on expected timelines.

    Q: What are Amazon’s fees for sellers and how do they impact profitability?

    A: Amazon charges referral fees of 8-15% on each sale. There may also be variable closing fees, storage fees, and more. Calculate these costs when pricing.

    Q: Are there any regulations or certifications required for products imported from India?

    A: Certain categories like food, supplements, and cosmetics may require FDA approval, registration or testing. Work closely with your supplier to ensure compliance.